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Not Diseased
by Nostalgia, 17, female

January 10, 2008

Dear Diary,

I have a brother with Autism that a lot of people think he's like a goofy orangutan with his orange hair on his head and body. Well, in class a few months back, these girls said that one of the things they wanted to get rid of or cure was 'Mental retardation' and other things relating to it. It made my stomach churn in so many directions, I thought I would stand up and vomit in front of them. I kept my mouth shut though now I wish I didn't.

Why do people think metal retardation is a disease? Why do they think that there is some 'miracle cure' thats going to make it all go away?

My belief on it is this: There is no cure, it's that people just can't accept the fact their brother, sister, classmate, and/or the person up the street is different and imperfect than them so they have to change these innocent kids that don't even know what's going on just so everyone is smart and beautiful.

Eh, screw you to those skinny girls that said it...

Comment on this entry

They just say that because they don't know anything about it. If they want to voice thier oppinion, they should do a little reserch. Just ignore them, unless of course they say it to your face, then educate them. Also, your brother is not less imperfect then them, he's just different. EVERYONE is different.

I have Turner's Syndrome. People use to make fun of me all the time but now they except it.

baby girl, im black so our stereotype is to fight, and act all types of crazy, but i will say this, if they ever approach you or your brother wit some nonesense, whip their ass, but when they speak bull#####, take the opportunity to educate them, cause they could be next.
Anna the Great

Dear What ever, Suck it! I think that God decided he got to be special and perfect in a way most people dont. My cousin has autism and he's brilliant! People that think it must be cured are poeple too stupid to look beyond there own reflections.

u ##### suck a ##### hoe
what ever

u r fat #####
what ever

Autism doesnt mean he's an idiot; it just means he lives in his own world. Once he snaps out of it, he should have a higher overall intelligence than most ppl. All je need is patience, hope and ... lots on unconditional LOVE.
Andre AA

Everyone has their imperfections. Those girls have one of THE worst flaws there is!-intolerance! There's an exellent book I'd like to recommend to you that was written by an autistic woman. It's titled Nobody Nowhere. It's exellent!
Shock Resistor

Current Topic: Discrimination
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