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Latest Entries
What do I do??
by Cassie09, 16, female

September 12, 2006

Dear Diary, I feel like I am loosing the one I love. He makes everything so
hard. I wonder why he treats me this way. He makes me so happy and then
I get it all back in the end. This is why I am getting confused. I wish I
would know. Okay I guess I better explain. We were dating for a while. He
didn't do anything romantic. But now he told me he is willing to change and
do more stuff with me. When we take a break he makes me wait. I mean.
We've been together for a while. I am so use to him being here with me
and when he is not, I feel like my whole life is getting ripped out. I don't
know. My friend is going through the same thing and i mean she cries about
it... I am pushed to the point where i cant even cry about it. I am more
#####ed. We are not together but he acts like he wants to be with me and
yeah. But then a little bit ago.. He was walking with like 4 other girls and I
couldn't help but get jealous, so i called him a big whore in front of
everyone. I feel like I am pathetic. I don't know what to do.. tell him sorry
but he knows that I get jealous easy and I know he gets jealous when I am
with another guy. But sometimes I don't even know. Maybe I am just better
off without him. If he likes me like he says then he would come running
back to me. Instead of me always. What should I do?

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tanks and we are back together now..

Maybe you can just try to work things out with him. If he wants to be in a relationship with you he will make better choices in what he's doing. If that doesn't work maybe you can just sit aside time and try to work things out with your problem. Maybe you just have to give it time. There's always more fish in the sea!

Current Topic: Feelings
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