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the most happiester
by Star twinkle, 14, female

September 11, 2006

Dear Diary,

I once visited a place that was a million miles away. It was another place and time entirely, though quite where and when it was, I cannot say.
Though I only left my friends for a few seconds, I was gone for a lifetime.
In that lifetime I rediscovered a childhood that I had never known. I grew into a strong-willed teenager, which is when i met my wife.
She and I shared the most beautiful little house in the village. It wasn't fancy, but we were so glad to be with each other that it was the only important thing. I remember when my first child was born. I remember holding that fragile child in my arms, and gazing into my beautiful wife's eyes. The mother of my child.
We worked so hard to feed our children, I know I may have been a strict father at times, but I was never affraid to let my children know how much I loved them and they grew into hard-working decent citizens of our world.
I spent a lifetime working, watching my young children grow into adults. I remember how proud I was of them all.
Then I remember being old... my health starting to fail me. My children looked after me. I remember the day my son came to me holding my grandson in his arms. I remembered the look in his eye. The same look I had had when he was born.
I remember feeling always contented in my life, right up until the end. I remember the love of my wife, and the love of my children.
When I died, I came back here, to a cold, hard, white-tiled floor. THIS life has been different since that day. My perspective has changed.

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This is beautiful...


Current Topic: Feelings
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