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feel trapped, advice?
by seeweed, 14, female

September 4, 2006

Dear Diary,
its not THAT long, so please read and help me?...
im on the diving team, and i feel like i am bad at it. i am not that kind of mopey person that mopes and complains about sucking at the sport, but i have tried my hardest, and still cant do much.

if i quit, i feel like like a part of my life will be gone, but if i stay, my life will be dangerous. cuz even the coach says the way i dive isnt safe and i could get hurt. hmm... wen im at practice, lately, its been making me very sad (especially the slapping, and pain) and i feel so sure that i should quit, but wen im not at practice, i feel like i should stay, and it wasnt that bad.

i do like it, its the dangerosity and all the pressure u get from having to learn a number of dives really fast that scares me. and hitting the board. i havent been in competition yet, so that means i can still refund the school suit wich is like $60 and im not rich, so that would be good.

the coach said he'll put me in a harness thing to do the scary dive, so that mite not be so bad. b4, he made me do them myself. mayb this is all pms, but i kno it will get harder, and mayb i should quit, but i'll really miss it. and some ppl kno im on the team and they'll be all wat the hell? but i dont wanna suck in front of ppl i kno. and i'll feel really uncomfortable quitting, im the kind of person that is shy to speak their mind and say "no, i dont wanna do this anymore." and wen i do a good dive and get praise, i feel happy. so mayb i feel #####ty cuz i've been doing hard dives and failing?

i feel so trapped between wanting to do it, and and not wanting to do it... sigh* advice please?

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Keep on trying. Even the most famous people wanted to give up in the beginning. I mean..tony hawk didn't know how to turn and the first time he skateboarded he ran into a wall. If you've got the determination keep at it.

Just remember if you give up something you love then your gonna wonder how your life would of been if you wouldnt of quit and if you stay then your a winner

GO FOR IT!! Think how your life would be if you didn't...You'd regret it...

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