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by Albion Angst, 13, female

September 2, 2006

I feel like whacking my head against the desk.

If you've read any other of my entries you'll probably think I'm an attention seeking #####. And you may be right.

But I don't know where else to go.

The only friends who talk to me, just want to talk about themselves... And you start to think that even if you said, "I feel like I want to slit my wrists" They'd continue talking about how their bloody boyfriend dumped them and it's the end of the world. Or they'd go, "Oh... Well I was going to slit my wrists but then a magical elf flew in and saved me and then showed me what would happen if I was never born and now I love my life... But I was SO close to killing myself... Do you want to hear why I was going to slit my wrists? It's because my boyfriend left me... and blah blah blah" And then they expect you listen to them and you smile and you try to be nice and caring about their "issues" while you're still trying to ignore the little thoughts in your head... Maybe I'm just selfish. But away from this site I swear I can't get a word in edgeways... In counselling it's sort of better but not so... Because If I told me counsellor anything too serious the school would get involved.... And then things could get ugly.

I find it really heard to explain how I feel but sometimes when you write it down, it helps alot...

But that's all I want to write.. I can't remember what my point was...

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you should talk to a close friend or maybe sister, i was in a 9 month relationship and i after we broke up.. I found out that i guess he stayed with me cause of the sex. Yeah I was hurt cause thats was my 1st but I got through it with support

You need to find friends who will listen no matter what. And sometimes you just need to hear them out too. Once they've finished, hopefully, they'll be the good friends they can be and listen to you.

Current Topic: Feelings
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