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Latest Entries
I'm shy
by roundtable, 15, female

August 22, 2006

Dear Diary,

I'm a really shy person, and it's hard for me to do some things that other people
find easy. Like it's hard meeting new people, or thinking of things to say in
conversation, or moving around and being close to people. I'm always nervous
around other people, and I hate it. How can I be less shy and a bit louder?

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Well.. you can always just go up to someone & ask what their name is. It's easy.. Just don't think about it. Just do it.. it's not as hard as u make it seem like..

im shy too and im still working on trying to meet new people and be more outgoing...we're in the same boat; i know the feeling ;)

Or you can start by complimenting someone about their hair or shirt. Maybe even make up. Anything that inpsires you about that particular person.
Stupid Kidd

I am super shy too, no worries. All you have to do is introduce yourself to some people who maybe do something you are also interested in. Like in classes or school clubs. Ask them questions like "how long have you done this.."
Stupid Kidd

Wow, let me be the first to say congratulations diaryproject for all these same day updates! Anyway, roundtable, being loud is not what its cracked up to be. Just work on being confident within, and itll translate to the surface. You can still be the quiet gal you are, but better at including people.

the first thing abt convos is to say hi and smile. if ur neverous their neverous. u can neva go wrfong abt asking questions abt him/ her. don't over do it. share exprience you had based on the question. ppl will b glad sum1 has take interest in them

sweetie you don't have to be loud to get notice.Um, how about trying something new. like taking a tai chi class. you can talk abt the class! & ppl will admire that you hav a new found skill

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