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Latest Entries
Sweet Addiction
by Em, 14, female

November 27, 2005

Dear Diary,

I have an awful addiction to eating sweets. Actually I am addicted to eating in
general when I get bored.
What can I do to keep myself from eating when I'm bored so I can lose a little
weight? How can I stop myself from craving sweets?

Comment on this entry

i dont know about sweets... but at far as eating goes, just dont let yourself unless your actaully hungry. maybe work out to keep yourself from getting bored. thats killing two birds with one stone!!!
captain tripps

every time u want 2 snack but arn't hungry, brush ur teeth caz then u won't want to eat

I chew on ice, I can't chew gum, but you could always do that. Or just find someting to do with your hands instead of looking for something to eat.
Stupid Kidd

or you could just find something else to do instead of eat.

Apparently a spoonful of peanut butter stops people from craving something.

Current Topic: Health
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