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Latest Entries
Foot Shaking
by black rabbit, 14, female

November 24, 2005

Dear Diary,

I quit shaking my foot all summer. And now I'm suddenly starting to shake it again and I am trying to stop but at times I feel as if I need to. Is it because of cold weather coming around again?

I can't stop sleeping on my stomach, and this has screwed up an entire half of my body for many many years. My x-rays show a very crooked spine, and one hip bone is at a completely different height than the other. This is very uncomfortable. One half of my body is higher, except from the torso down it is the opposite. I don't know. I don't understand why the doctor never gave me a brace, she just keeps telling me to sit up straight. I try but it is very hard to function because one shoulder blade feels much closer to the middle of my back than the other. I can feel all of this 24/7 inside my body. I also crack my neck and back non-stop. Every time I go to the doctor, I end up crying all the way from there and on the subway ride back home, it makes me cry so much when she sends me home without a brace. This is so hard. I am constantly uncomfortable and in pain. She must be right because she is the doctor,

but I keep on sleeping on my stomach and ruining my body more and more. I have tried every night to sleep on my back, but I cannot sleep on my back or side unless I am in the crooked position that my back is in. If I try to sleep on my back straight like a normal person, I end up not sleeping for 3 hours, just lying on my back trying to keep my eyes closed. My eyes don't even stay closed when I sleep on my back, no matter how tired I am. I cannot shut them tight. One side of my face feels higher than the other, and the eye on the higher side is the only one that can close. To keep the other one closed, I have to sleep on my stomach with that eye that won't close dug into the pillow so it is forced to close and the other eye just closes normally without being dug into the pillow.

Comment on this entry

I tried that last night. At first the pillow was crushing my nose so I put it a little higher, on my brows. And I couldn't sleep. So I turned back over on my stomach and fell asleep in some wierd way.
black rabbit

Put the pillow over your face sleeping on your front side???

I sleep UNDER the pillow to keep my eye shut. I cannot fall asleep with my head on a pillow like normal. I hope you can't imagine how I look sleeping. I look very silly.
black rabbit

I refuse to see a chiropractor and my mother refuses to take me to one. Everyone who goes has to get cracked like, once every two weeks. They crack you in a way for you to stiffen up two weeks later and come running back to them to be cracked again. No way. I forgot to mention: I dig my face into the bed/couch, not pillow.
black rabbit

Osteopathy...look into it. And sleep on your stomach without a pillow.

Sleep on your side and put a body pillow in front of you so you can't roll over on to your stomach. Unless your a wild sleeper it usually works. Have you tried any kind physical therapy or chriropractor?

A lot of things contributed--sleeping on the stomach, bookbags, messenger bags, marijuana, trying to cover up my right arm, bad posture...I was looking at those eye covers today.
black rabbit

I started sleeping on my stomach, I'm glad you wrote this so I'll stop...but try sleeping on your side...maybe if you had one of those eye covers (can't think of the name) that is heavy...I dunno. Does someone know the name?

my spines crooked too, i just found that out at my last doctor visit. but they're not going to give me a brace now because i'm supposedly done growing so theres no point. they probably should give you a brace though, go to another doctor.

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