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Latest Entries
by kelsey, 14, female

November 6, 2005

Dear Diary,

We had sex and the condom broke. I was ovulating at the time and my period is 5 days late. Could it all be in my head? I know I need to take a pregnancy test. What if it is positive? It would really not be a good idea to tell my mom, especially with the other stuff that has been on her mind and the tension between us. What are my options? Does anyone know the abortion laws in south dakota where I live and how they work? thanks.

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Also, planned parenthood told me to use lubricant so the condom won't break but uh, I'm not going to be having sex and I think that's wierd to have conveniently, it sounds like something husband and wife or husband and husband use.
black rabbit

It's not inescapable. You just don't want to control yourself. You're still way too young to have sex at all. But thank goodness you're not pregnant, I hope you are more careful in the future. Maybe you should keep using a condom too, just in case.
black rabbit

is all that really worth the risk of getting pregnant & more?cause there's always an "if" and people sometimes lose more than just their virginity.

I'm glad you're not pregnant.

ahh guess what guys?!? its time for a celebration. MY PERIOD HAS ARRIVED! i repeat PERIOD has arrived! thanks for all of your advice. Im goin to the doctor next week to go on the pill. I know sex is right for me. I know I am young and I do know the risks... but i swear i have some nympoism in me. its unescapable!

Personally, I'm pro-choice on the whole abortion thing. I think that you should go to your school nurse or guidance counsellor. They'll help you find a clinic to get tested, and will more than likely offer to help with breaking the news to your family. Good luck, keep us updated!

Hm.. I hate it when people say "Don't have sex! It's so wrong! You're too young" And all that. Especially AFTER she's done it. It's not like she wasn't being careful, either. She used a condom, but things happen. And if having sex isn't right for you, it doesn't mean it wasn't right for her...

yeah sounds good. in suicidal's defense, i still maintain that having sex wasnt a smart/moral/good (couldnt decide on an adj.) idea, but im hoping that you dont get pregnant. it would ruin two lives. well, i dont know for sure that it would ruin two lives, but its very probable.
captain tripps

I took a test tonight at wal mart. It said negative... im still speculative, feeling a lil better, and plannign to take another test next week. Good idea?

My town doesn't have planned pregnancy

planned parent hood..and sucidal no need for negative hope she's pregnant...i'm sorry but thats witchy right there...
zeli meli

I agree with aziza, get the test then go to planned parent hood. They'll have better answers.
Stupid Kidd

Anyway, kelsey...go to the drug store and get a pregnancy test. If it is positive, go to a planned pregancy...they will have more options than us. And I wasn't calling u a drug addict, just using an exaple.

suicidal_13- Do you give a baby to a drug addict? NO! Of course the drug addict will be more stressed, but the baby will suffer more!!! Anyway, she was using protection...and u dont have time to learn the lesson after u haev a baby!

As Myluv2u said ur periods probably arent regulated yett and everything is ok buh if u really are worried then take the test and if u are pregnant tell ur mom its the best thing. Don't have an abortion all ur doin iz killin a innocent baby. Keep the baby or give it up for adoption! Hope it all works out! luv ya

You guys shouldnt be yelling at her for having sex at 14 kids are having sex younger and younger. Hope it all works out for u but dont get an abortion KEEP THE BABY! i would. Even if u are 14 or put it up for adoption. Dont kill it.

Abortion is murder. No matter how scared you are, taking the life of an innocent child (if you are pregnant). Is something horrible. You've already messed up once, do you want to mess up your life with the guilt you will feel later on?

At 14? You were actually ready for this? I'm sorry, but I hope you are pregnant. You should be punished for giving into peer pressure. Maybe then you'll learn your lesson.

hmm i dunno if its too late for the day after pill, but that would be my first choice... and a word to the wise, maybe at 14, you really shouldnt be having sex. now that is just my personal opinion, but keep in mind, im not the possibly pregnant one either...
captain tripps

Call planned parenthood. They will help you and it will be kept confidential. You are 14, don't stress too much, your periods are most likely not completely regulated yet. Hope it all works out for you.

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