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Latest Entries
umm embarresed
by dude, 15, female

November 5, 2005

i am really embarrsd 2 say dis but I need some help from peoples.
my underwear smells wierd and i''m wondring what its about. is it my body's smell or is it dat my panties are juss 2 old. help! dont tell me dat i should go 2 da doc. i need home and secret easy remdies if any1 nose any.

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do u change your underwear eveyday? if not try that!

hahah NO! Don't spary around the area. That will just make the smell worse. Clean your underwear, wash your genitals with water frequently yadda know...keep it clean down there.

Itz called discharge itz a sign tht ur growin up jst spray around ur area every now and thn i find it helpz me [xxxx]

oh, i know i use wrong homonyms all the time... its (it's) just that im not concentrating on grammar while here... the thing is, is that i know i would never mix up nose and knows unless i really thought about it. but who knows, everyones different.
captain tripps

heh captain tripps... you used the wrong homonym too... "through"... you meant "threw." But anyways.. We weren't picking on you. It's just hard to read when people type like that. And have you gone to a doctor yet? You really should, even if that's not what you want to hear.

but moving back to topic... glad it's working out for you.
captain tripps

i dont mean to single ppl out, i think thats the first time i got on someones case about they way they write. i mean, i know i make plenty of typoes and what not... it's just that the "nose" and "knows" thing through me off. if i were writing i would really have to concentrate on using the incorrect homonym.
captain tripps

No one is picking on you. It's just annoying to read that crap, you know? Home remedies?? No. Don't douche, or use scented soap, bodywash, tampons, etc. Don't wash it w/ anti-bacterial soap, use unscented Dove soap and wear cotton undies.

I think you all are being kind of rude to dude. I would never write like that but I don't insult people for the way they type. She has a problem and I don't think all that picking on her was very nice

just a thought. for all you who don't like my way oftyping. I have seen SO MANY other entries by other poeple who type just lke me but they have never been critsized! Only my entry has been criticized! what is the deal with that?????????

why do u all care about the way she types?? who gives a sh1t.

i HATE the way that you type. "That" "The" "This"... they start with TH! not D! There's a T at the end of just! And you actually need to go to the doctor, you don't want to end up infertile.

oh, and it's been going away. maybe its becuz I didn't have neough undies at one point. It's better now

ok. i won't type like that any more. thanks for the advice. no at home remedees though?

It could just be your period, but if the smell continues or gets worse in a week, talk to your mother or the family doctor, because you could easily have an infection.

seriously, stop typing like that. It just makes you look stupid. As for your odor, there's always going to be some kind of ofor down there. But if it's foul-smelling, then you need to see a dr. b/c it could be an infection, and if left untreated vaginal infections can affect your fertility.

why spell "knows" like "nose"? i mean, its one little extra "s"... i understand using short hand, but that just seems dumb in my mind... anyways, about the topic. if youre on your period it might be because of that.
captain tripps

acidophilus? go to the doc

Current Topic: Health
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