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by captain tripps, 16, female

November 1, 2005

Dear Diary,

lately i havent had much of an appetite... i dont eat breakfast or lunch. i eat something pretty small after school, then have a fairly small dinner. and the whole day i feel pretty full, and dont really even wanna eat at my makeshift meal times. its not like im trying not to eat, im just not hungry in the late. is this bad for my health? ive heard if you eat meals irregularly, and dont eat three of them a day you actaully gain weight. i dont really wanna be putting on any pounds. should i force myself to eat three square meals a day? or just keep with my habits now and just assume my stomach has shrunk or something?

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you may not feel hungry but irregular meals/calorie restrictions can cause headaches, mild depression, lack of energy and thinking clearly. You know your body best, but since you asked I would suggest experimenting with a healthy breakfast. 1/4 of cup of oatmeal with 1/2 cup of light soymilk is a negligible amount of calories

For me, my apetite goes up and down. One day I'll be binge eating the newt week I'll eat near to nothing. Eat a small breakfast atleast, it'll give u energy.

Current Topic: Health
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