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Latest Entries
by Sugar Butt, 17, male

October 26, 2005

Dear Diary,

I am going to write about health. I think that leading a healthy life is good for everyone. You will look better, and feel better about yourself. In my case I have given up pop to be more healthy. Yes every once and a while I slip up, but nobody is perfect. I have also got a pretty good off-season workout planned. You see Mondays and Thursdays I am doing plyometrics and then doing my workout and ending with a mile run. On Tuesdays and Fridays I plan on starting out with speed ladder, doing my workout, and finishing with my mile run. As you can tell with this workout I plan on being really healthy. Next I am going to ask you a question that there are many different answers for. How far would you go to be popular? Would you go so far that you would compromise your own health? For me popularity isn't that high on my list. I mean yeas everyone wants and tries to be popular in their ow ways but I would ne ver let it compromise me being healthy.

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Your name is Sugar Butt, yet you promote health so passionately. I like the irony

Current Topic: Health
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