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Latest Entries
Lopsided b00bs
by Lopp, 16, female

October 25, 2005

Dear Diary,

Recently I have noticed a change in my breasts. while my right one is soft and small, my left one has grown at least one cup, it's hard and it hurts. I wouldn't care much if they were just lopsided, because, hopefully in a matter of months they will even out. But what if it's breast cancer? I don't want to go to the doctor because I would feel embarrassed having someone look at my boobs...I don't even let my mom look at me naked!
What do I do? Do I just wait? I am too young to have breast cancer!

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It probably has something to do with PMS. My breats grow and hurt when I'm PMSing, sometimes one more than the other. And it happens over night.

do some thinking and then tell us: how much more comfortable would you feel having cancer and not knowing until it was too late, versus letting a medical professional see you naked, feeling embarrassed for a couple of minutes, and then finally KNOWING what's wrong with you (so you could address the problem in time)?

pssh, im backwards then. im right handed and my left boob is bigger, que broken...
captain tripps

are you left handed? cause thats the way breasts are if you are right handed right breast becomes bigger because muscles in that area are used more often ..left handed bigger left breast
Made in the Philippines

dont worry its normal to feal like not comfortable, but if its some thing like serious then you should have someone just look take a look at you or something =)

I definately don't let my mom look at me naked anyway...

breast cancer in the early stages doesn't hurt. But I think you should go to the doctor. YOu'll have to get used to letting people look at you naked, because any woman with sense will have a yearly gynocological exam once she's around your age.

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