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by Self-Consious, 14, female

October 22, 2005

Dear Diary,

Hey,I'm 14, 5" and i weight 145lbs my mom's always on my case cause of the fact that i'm to big. I've always felt fine being me but now i really want to lose like 20lbs just so that she'll leave my alone. According to her we should all be like supper skinny, some night i'll like cry myself to sleep. so does anyone know how i could lose weight like really fast?

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your mum is pressuring you, do it slowly but surely, excercise for at least 1 hr a week, eat healthily, wake up earlier, go to bed later, walk to school etc

How do I make myself throw up?

throw up

Well i duno how u can lose weight really fast but.... ur mum being less forceful and more supportive would help boost ur confidence levels! x]

Look unless you're big you don't understand the pressure you're put on by people around you to look small. Does any one know if eating diorders really work.

Take the time-tested route and exercise, along with healthy diet. Use portion-control. Set a reasonable goal. 20 pounds by, say... February or March?

Why does it have to be really fast? If she sees that you are working hard and are dedicated to your goal, then maybe your mom will lay off of you a bit. I doubt she thinks you have to be super skinny. She's most likely just worried about your health.

Current Topic: Health
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