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by Karecha, 14

October 9, 2005

Mmmhmm, it's another teenage girl writing about how she thinks she's fat. I'm
like all the others, it's true, but still, I can't help thinking... I have no time for
excercise, because I go to a school that's about forty-five minutes away from
home. Plus, I have rehersal for several hours after school and I have a rather
hefty amount of homework.
And though 112 pounds isn't heavy for my height, I still *look* fat. It's just lack
of muscle tone, but it still bothers me, because all the other girls (yep, just like
everyone else), have thighs with a six-inch circumfrence and a 20-inch waistline
or something.
I just feel imperfect.
But whatever.

Comment on this entry

I think you sound fine. Most girls feel that they are fat. I thought so too once although everyone told me I was UNDERWEIGHT. Just eat well and sleep well. Stop thinking about your looks. You'll never be thet Media's I dea of "perfect". Thta's just not possible

ummmmmmm im 11 years old am i 2 young to become anerixix
confused ????

Umm...who has a thigh of 6 inches??? Maybe you're just exagerating...making it seem smaller...but my thighs are 20 inches around. I'm about 115 and I'm still thin. Don't worry about your weight. You are good how you are!

um 112 how can you look fat at 112 you have no fat at 112! you're so not fat i'm 115 i'm not fat
zeli meli

my school is forty five minutes away from my house too. why don't you bike to school? its faster than the subway/bus, and then you don't really have to worry about what you eat.

If you know you're not overweight then I don't see what the problem is.

You're young so don't mess with your body. You probably look fine, and I know it's hard, but don't compare yourself to other girls. It's just not fair to yourself and you're still growing.
Stupid Kidd

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