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Latest Entries
losing weight?
by SparkleBlue*~, 14, female

October 7, 2005

Dear Diary,

Ok, well, so wut i wana kno is if thers ne way i can lose weight really fast? do eatin disorders work> cuz a lot of u ppl on here say taht ur gunna get one. rnt they bad 4 u? but i hav made myself thro up before but i never lost ne weight. but i havnt eaten since oct 4, adn i'll stick 2 this til i lose weight or until i get real hungry. 4 now i drink water lots and sumtimes milk 2. so neways, if neone has any other ideas of what i can do.... rite now im 102 and im 5'3... i wanna b able to see some ribs i think cuz i saw a model in a mag with like 4 showin and i think it looked real good. neways, ttfn

Comment on this entry

Showin ribs is not cool! Its discusting and models of today need to realize that! ewwww yuck! Love me xx

try the southbeach diet. it works. when u starve yourself and loose the weight you gain it back when u start eating again unless you get serious anorexia or something. try SBD you can loose like 13 lbs healthily in the 1st 2 weeks
just me

HA karma rox my sox sometimes. Okay, I'm officially the dork in the room.

what the hell?? i dont believe you!!!!

stop being a moron.

You are an idiot.


Okay, i'm sorry but that's stupid. i used to have an eating disorder, and there is no way you want one. ribs showing is not sexy, it's weird, and all of mine show and i can't gain weight now. eating disorders are horrible for you, and i have all kinds of problems now, like not being able to eat and feeling sick.

Current Topic: Health
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