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The ED Wannabes
by RichOrFamous, 16, female

October 7, 2005

Dear Diary,

WHY do so many people think that developing an eating disorder will be so great for them? I just read more than a few entries where the writer says that to lose weight they're just going to get an eating disorder.


Do they think the bad things that come with the disorders aren't going to happen to them? Do they think that they aren't putting themselves in any danger health-wise? You aren't just getting the weight loss. You're losing muscle, you're damaging internal organs... Your brain will start to think that you are fat even if you are VERY THIN. Seriously, search "Anorexia" on Google Images. Not Pretty. In addition, anorexia nervosa often includes:
and peculiar behaviors such as compulsive rituals, strange eating habits, and division of foods into "good/safe" and "bad/dangerous" categories.

They may have low tolerance for change and new situations; may fear growing up and assuming adult responsibilities and an adult lifestyle. May be overly engaged with or dependent on parents or family. Dieting may represent avoidance of, or ineffective attempts to cope with, the demands of a new life stage such as adolescence.

And bulimia... Oh, bulimia. Because throwing up will make you so glamorous. Misusing laxatives will solve all of your problems. You think you feel in control until you realize that *it has control over you*. Do you think being thin means having pride? Self-worth? Friends? Because you would be very wrong. And compulsive exercising every once in a while--it isn't getting you anywhere. Fasting to get rid of calories. Your body needs those. Once you start eating again, whether you puke it up or not, your body will immediately try to digest it because it's scared of being DEPRIVED. It's going to store everything in what it was that you just ate. It doesn't know when you're going to have enough sense to feed it again.

There are more ED's too. Ones that you don't hear about, but have they most of the criteria for a particular diagnosis. WHY would you WANT to do this to yourself? Attention? It's going to be negative. Besides, if you die, how are you going to be there to receive any attention? You'll be dead.

So why not decide to just be healthy? People will be proud of you. You won't have to hide it. You'll feel better. When you reach your goal, you'll know that you truly achieved something. You'll probably work twice as hard to maintain it. And you won't have to check into therapy to fix what you've done. And you won't die from being obsessed with the way you look.

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Every eating disorder starts as a choice.

sorry about what got messed up in the comment below. i was saying that these girls do it for attention, but not in the way you think. they want someone to realise how badly theyre hurting.

wow. i cant believe no one seems to have realised that nthe giot in the way you think. they want someone to help them figure out why they want to hurt themselves that badly. if everyone keeps ignoring them, they throw themselves into an eating disorder. NO ONE "tries to develop" this.

I was referring to the people who keep saying they're trying to develop EDs, but ok..

Stop judging.Anorexia isnt about selfstarvation.Those girls have mental problems.Do you think they wake up thinking its aglamorous life?No.They dont.they hate themselves for what they are doing.Youre mixing the posers with the 1s who really have a problem.Anorexia doesn't only affect teenagers. My aunt has it, and she's no teenager

... you have no clue what aneroxia and bulimia really is..
Kitten4life (bellabear)

You are so right x a million. Messing up your body isn't cool (YOU ONLY GET ONE!). Take it from someone who's got a lot of scars. You won't be so pleased later on in life. RichOrFamous a thousand kudos to you! (and please nobody ask what a kudo is! lol)


The thing about eating problems is you think there's this magical weight where you're suddenly happy. That never, ever happens. There's no payoff.
sober mind

THANK Y0U. "wannarexics" are RIDICUL0US. do you see people wishing they had down`s syndrom ? be real .. it`s called an eating DIS0RDER for a reaosn

it is voluntry.. they choose 2 do it. ppl shouldnt say that they wanna have an ED. it sounds so dumb. ugh.

You are completely right, just remember that sometimes it isn't as easy as it sounds. People with eating disorders have a hard time controlling their eating habits, it's not entirely voluntary.

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