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Latest Entries
by Lea, 15, female

October 6, 2005

Dear Diary,
My friend are always making fun of me because I am 15 and a size 10/12 in the little girl section at walmart. I weigh about 89-92 lbs and my friends are always saing im to skinny i was wondering if it is true or not

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don't worry about be br proud that your small. In a few year it will be a good thing.

I totally agree with Leoa so great way to put it about everything you said

once again, i am not trying to be offensive or hurtful, since you also stated you're not trying to be either...but it is a little sensitive for some of please, don't get mad at me, i just wanted to state that cuz i felt it was important also

i have to agree with lea sound fine for your body type and such, but a lot of us are not that lucky at all...i'm not trying to be offensive in anyway, cuz i have my own views of what i consider fat and such, but thinking under 100 lbs is fat sounds like how eating disorders can start...

Boo bear ur rude!]

Ur fine dont worry about what everyone else says

you ask whether you`re skinny or not, but it seems pretty obvious to me. i think you know you`re super-skinny, and you`re damn proud. but please, don`t take it too far. being #####y about being small will do nothing for you.

lea is really does hurt my feelings that you think of me as fat. i`ll be perfectly honest - i would love to be your size and not have to worry about looking fat, but i`m not. i`m what most people consider "thin", but to you, i`m FAT ? thanks.

just be thankful u are alive

My friend has the same problem, but sometimes I wish I had that because I can't fit into almost anything because I'm really tall & not fat, but not skinny, so like I have to spend lotsa time looking for jeans that aren't short on me. =[

I can fit in a size 10/12. Guess what? I love it. I mean check out abercrombie kids, there stuff is amazing and the perfect size. Listen, you prolly have plenty of growing left to do. My friend used to be very fat when she was little then grossly skinny and now shes at the perfect weight. It just takes time for a body to adjust.

Boo bear and everyone else I didnt mean to hurt someone or put them down but it is just my veiw that dosent mean every one agrees and i understand this and am ok with it

lea, are you joking ? you`re calling 95 pounds too fat ? so, 98% of the people you walk by on the street are too fat ?? if you`re skinny, fine, but don`t make other people feel bad for not being emaciated.

I'll never weigh as much as all my friends but guess what? I'm comfy in my skin and I don't diet, I eat all healthy veggies and I hate to vomit, so I would never be bulimic. I just plainly am skinny and usually happy as is.

I'm 5'3 and 89 pounds and just born petite. No matter what people say to me, I don't listen. In fact, if I feel speech-ish, I'll tell them outright that I don't care what they think of my size 3 butt because I don't care about their perfect ones!

Hey babygirl I think you are right I shall try it thanks

girl im 14 5'4 and i weigh 95 lbs. i hear people call me skinny but i don't pay them any attention cuz i feel comfortable with my body. u should too.

95 too big? in munchkin land? that's just sick. if you're 'addicted to weight' then you should know that thinking 95 lbs is too big is out of line.

Crazed, sorry if I made you feel bad but I have an additction about weight sorry if I made you feel bad.

Dude, Lea, you're crazy. Sorry. I weigh 125, so apparently i'm way to fat. 95 is way too SKINNY, it's ridiculous.

busy 4fun, That is way fat I can never be fat I would killmyself . I dont think girl should weigh over 95 and thats even big

you weigh way too little. average 15 year old weight is about 125 pounds. wut is with every one today? it is not cool to be pin thin. like u.

Then you don't really have anything to worry about.

Rich or famous no not really I eat all the time

You're prolly okay. When I was 5ft...I weighed like...87...I think, but it was a while ago. (I'm 5'7 now) I think you're ok.

you're probably just built that way. i don't think it's anything to really worry about unless you're unhealthy about it. do you diet to weigh that much?

Azlza Iam 5 ft so ya Iam way short

People say the same thing about me...I don't know how tall you ya know, it's hard to tell. But as long as you're healthy...

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