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Latest Entries
by qwer, 14

October 3, 2005

Dear Diary,

My family is extraordinarily suppotive if me in everything that I do. Whether it
be my music, sports, or anything else. Although they usually tend to push me
very hard in everything too. I am expected to get all a's, always be practicing
the piano, and competing in tennis almost always. I can't blame them though,
that was the way that they were raised, so I guess that they assume to raise me
in the same way. I'm happy that they care about me so much, but sometimes
they just push me way too hard. I also hate it when they try to compare me to
others. Whether it be some world class piano player or just another kid that gets
straight a's all the time, I hate it. Don't get me wrong though, my parents are
great people. I always hope though, that my parents will take me for who I am,
and not compare me to others.

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Current Topic: Family
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