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Family values
by MarcoPolo, 14, male

October 3, 2005

Dear Diary,
Family is one of those things that just defies logic. Sometimes you want to kill them, other times you love them. As oppsed to freinds, you cannot choose your family (you're born with them) so you can't just ditch them or ignore them in the halls if the make you mad. they're with you for life. I have sometimes wondered why i have some of the family that I do, but I've learned that they can teach you valuable lessons. Acceptance is one of them. Sometimes, though, your "family" may be your friends. A family is the people who who you are most comfortable with (usually) and with whom you have the most in common (the same blood!). There have been times when my friends have been more of a family than my "blood" family, but then again my parents have bveen there for me when no one else has. Family is a bond you may never want to have but can never break.

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Current Topic: Family
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