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by qwerty, 15

October 3, 2005

Dear Diary,
My family appears to be completely functional outside of the house, but I hate it
when my parents argue over some sort of financial problem. Sometimes it gets
really annoying. I can guarantee that at least every other day my parent's argue
about something concerning the bills or ious. Sometimes I wonder what it would
be like to be better off, like alot of the kids I know, but in the back of my mind
I know that they have problems that we don't have, God only knows what. I just
thank god that my family (despite all the arguments) is able to keep providing
for me. I really am very fortunate compared to those starving kids in other parts
of the world. I just conbtinue thanking God for the roof over my head, the
clothes I have, and the food I am able to eat. I am happy that my parents care
about me, and have done a good job of minimizing the amount of arguing my
sister and I hear frequently. I also dislike it when my parents look for me as a
mediator, and try to pull me over to their side. They are always trying to explain
to me what they hate about the other parent, and that really grinds my gears. I
love both of my parents and I hate it when one of them starts backstabbing and
talking stupidities about the other parent. Sometimes my parents talk about
divorcing, and my naive sister goes along with it, saying, "It would be cool to
have two houses." I would hate having my parents divorce, it would really kill
me. I know that they won't divorce, though, because neither of them is willing to
have to pay the other if they file for a divorce. For now I will just keep living my
life, praying for the situation gets better. I know God is listening because I see
something going my way everday.

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Current Topic: Family
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