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Itunes vs Parents
by The Talented Mr. Ripley, 14, male

October 3, 2005

Dear Diary,
My parents are great. They are supportive, helpful and loving. They are funny or
serious, depending on the situation. But sometimes, they are just frustrating.
The other day, we were having a discussion about Itunes and when I should use
it. They said I shouldn't use it in the morning, because then I start to DJ for
myself instead of getting ready. I get up at 6:30 every morning and usually
leave at 7:10, which I think is ridiculous. This is fairly reasonable. However, they
also told me I shouldn't be listening to music while I do my homework. Um,
hello? Music in the background make doing homework 60% more enjoyable for
me. Now doing homework is about as fun as watching paint dry. But I don't
know how to say this to them because, after they told me this, they said, ďso,
what are the parameters you are going to set for yourself?" WHAT?? Parameters
Iím setting for MYSELF?? How about its YOU telling me what I can and cannot do
as if imp 5?? Of course, I didnít say that. Which is where my problem lies. I
don't know how to tell my parents that I disagree. They are too smart, especially
my mom. She used to be a lawyer, so anything I argue with her about I lose.
They always get their way. And it sucks. This whole stupid Itunes thing is just an
example of how I always have to do what my parents say.

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Brennan, is this you? I'm pretty sure it is...anyway, I agree. Music is necessary for our survival, otherwise we'd die of homeworkitis. - Gaby

Current Topic: Family
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