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Latest Entries
Minor Family Flaws
by Juditzu, 14, female

October 3, 2005

Dear Diary,
I am pretty lucky when it comes to my family. My mom, dad, and sister all
support and love me constantly. However sometimes I feel as if I have three
overbearing parents. My sister and I are very different people and it is already
clear that we are going to have VERY different high school experiences. I am the
crazier one, I know I will "party" more, but what my parents seem to forget is
that deep down I actually have good judgement. I mean I know there is A LOT
about high school that I have no idea about and I will probably be in over my
head countless times, but in the end I will make decisions that are best for me. I
am focused and I have extreme goals academically and athletically. My mom is
the one who needs to let me go way more than she is right now. I need to make
my own mistakes and experience my freedom and I think it is a little hard for
her to realize I am not a little 6th grader anymore. However like I said, I am
pretty lucky with my family. We constantly communicate and help each other
out at all times. I think that because I'm the youngest and starting high school
all eyes are on me. It's hard but they do it in a way that does not smother me
entirely. My sister also decided to defer starting college this year so she is my
new support system. I can talk to her about stuff and she listens and laughs,
however sometimes her motherly instinct kicks in and she will occasionally
lecture me. I guess though that if I were in her situation I would do the same
thing. I think I just need to convince myself that my mom, dad, and sister are
all looking out and protecting me out of love. As annoying as it may be
sometimes. My parents do not fight, as a whole we get along extremely well,
and I can talk to my parents or sister about anything that's on my mind. These
are the things that matter and that I cannot forget; otherwise I feel as if I
become a spoiled and ungrateful person who doesn't acknowledge the good in
her life.

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it's cool that you have such a great family situation. Parents who don't fight? That's awesome. I hope you realize how fortunate you are.

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