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Stop it!
by SaphiraTheDragon, 14, female

October 3, 2005

Dear Diary,

My parents fight sometimes, and it really worries me. My mom yells and my dad is sorta quiet. Sometimes she says he's "passive-agressive", which i think is stupid cuz he's not doing it on purpose. Sometimes it's better not to say much of anything than to say something that just makes it worse and that you'll regret. I always tell them to please stop and sometimes they do. Like right now, they haven't fought for awhile. There are certain things that sort of trigger them, like traveling. Whenever we're in the airport, they always get mad at each other. Never fails. Airport = arguing parents. Bills to pay = arguing parents too. And of course, Dad not having a job right now = arguing parents. Which is kinda stupid. I mean, my mom only has a part time job, so I can see where she's coming from, but it's not like we're going to starve. We have plenty of money. And she's being a little bit hypocritical cuz she's the one who goes shopping. Not Dad.

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Thats Life.

Current Topic: Family
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