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Latest Entries
by x1x3x0x9x1x, 14, female

October 3, 2005

my family......


i dont know how i can talk about them in a way that doesnt seem forced.

I mean sure there are things i could be writing about right now.

its just i dont feel that i want to. It would be like reading a list of ingredients.

-my parents are divorced
-my dads gay
-i have an older sister
-love my family
-i hate my family

i really dont know. i feel like right now my family is not exactly what im
thinking about or concerned about right now.

{insert confession here}

no i dont really like this whole journal concept either. it defeats the whole
purpose of having one. you always know someones reading this, judging you.
and all the things you actually want to write about, you cant. you dont want to
have "a conversation". have other people try to get involved. me becoming
another "troubled teen pouring her soul into a journal". its too cliche. this isnt
"expression" for me its just another assignment.

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Current Topic: Family
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