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Latest Entries
Mixed Emotions
by Hurting Inside, 14, female

February 4, 2005

Dear Diary,

I don't got a clue on what to do or think about me or my life anymore. I've been played and used by guys. I met this one guy about two months ago through one of my sports tournys and didn't even think I'd like him. The only bad thing was he attented a different school than me. But as that night went on I was told all I did was talk about him. After over a day, I got his e-mail through a friend of mine who had already met him. That night we began to talk and we hit it right off. My winter dance was coming up and he was supposed to go with me but he said he had to work. That day he showed up at my school and after lunch the rumors were spreading and I heard that he was going to the dance with another gurl from my school. When I got home after being a little upset the phone rang and it was him telling me he was coming to the dance that night. He's always surprising me and making my day and it's great to know sucha kewl guy. Throughout the time that I've known him for I've spent some time with him and had some awesome times that I could never forget. We like eachother and some things have happened but now comes the hardest part. I found out that I have to move. Not to somewhere else in my city but yet a different city away from him and all of my friends. To be exact 6 hours away. I'm gonna miss him so much. Everything was perfect between me and him. But now me moving its changing us. We both want to date eachother but with me moving it would jus make everything else so much harder. I don't know what to do?!? Like are we now jus supposed to be friends?! but how can we be jus friends when we have feelings for eachother.. I jus don't know what to do about anything anymore.. I'm so confused and I really jus want someone else's outlook on my situation.

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Current Topic: Relationships
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