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Latest Entries
by grrl, 14, female

February 21, 2004

Dear Diary, Is it just me or am I the only one who is not a normal teenager. I
have no friends who sneak out of the house and get picked up by their boy
friends because first of all no1 has boyfirends because people just are friends
that hook up but second of all we all have alarms on our houses. We have
alarms on doors and windows becuase we are scared white people who live in the
suburbs. We go to private schools so we don't live around each other and my
closest friend lives 6 miles away. So i can't walk to meet my friends or meet at
our local joint. Another thing the only way I can get to see my friends or vice
versa is my mom driving me , and this is not cool. I can't go anywhere without
giving the name and number of the house i am staying at and then having my
parents call and ask questions, and a lot of them, then they call the other kids
parents who are going so I can't get away with anything. Another thing, on the
subject of boyfriends, hardly anyone has any and if u have one u don't go on
dates, u hang out at school and if he happens to be older there is no way in hell
our parents will let us see him because they will freak out if they find out he is
older because that means were def. going to have sex! and not just sex but
weird kinky sex and a lot of it! BUT the thing is my parents also think I am 3
years old and don't know what sex is, they feel like they have to explain to me
what 69 is because ofcourse in my 15 years of being with kids and MTV i don't
know anything about it. They also think I have never kissed anyone and that if I
have a boy girl sleepover with a bunch of my loser guy friends and my kool girl
friends that means i will have a bad reputation for the rest of my life because I
am sure to get hit on and get felt up and I won't know how to say no! They don't
think that by now I have been felt up or stuck up for myself in that way, WHICH
I HAVE DONE! Also i won't be driving til my senoir year of High School, i could
get my liscence in a year but noooo my parents don't agree with this law, they
agree with the law about no drinking til i am 21 but not about the whole driving
thing, even thought they won't have to drive me anymore they would rather
drive then let me have any freedom, I had more freedom when I was in 5th

Comment on this entry

no teenager is normal. it's an epidemic that started with pre-historic man(woman), and we have yet to find a cure.

I think I got a lot farther than most in reading that pathetic entry. Um... no one cares. It doesn't matter if you're "normal" or not. Just do what you think is right. Or something like that. chillax, grrl.

Current Topic: Miscellaneous Ramblings
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