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by HiddenScars, 15

December 20, 2002

Dear Diary,

I have cut myself for about a year now but thats not really what i wanna talk about. its my friends, they seem to be proud of their cuts. like the other day my friend came into school and pulled up her sleeve withthis huge smile. her whole lower arm was covered in inch long scrapes! after showin me she then showed about 10 other people! it was like she thought it would make her cool or somethin. then the other day her and this lad were comparing cuts and scars! like who had the most n stuff. it was wierd. this has been going on for a while now. its because of them i stopped cutting my arms and moved onto other places. they kept wanting to check my arms n sayin how long is it since you last cut n it was P***in me off! if i wanted to talk to them about it i would have why cant they just let me be!

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I think i no u bcoz sum1 i no at my skool did the same and it seems 2 much ov a quincidense!
R u my bestfriend?

i no too many people like really is sick

i agree, thats really really sick and they should be slapped.

that's sick, you shouldn't hurt your body, none the less be proud of it.
i bet you wish you knew

Current Topic: Self Harm
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