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by Mira, 12, female

December 18, 2002

Dear Diary,

Why is suicide considered crazy? People always say that people who commit suicide are crazy people. Why? I think about killing myself all the time because I have no where to run in this world, nowhere to go, but I am sure I am perfectly sane. I am ignored everywhere I go, but I am definitly not crazy. If you had my life, you would think the same. But I don't understand why it is crazy. I wouldn't feel like this if it weren't for other people in this world. And if I am crazy, it is because the human race has driven me crazy. But I don't think I'll ever understand why it is crazy. I don't think it is selfish but I understand why people think that, but why is it so crazy?!

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jordan is a nice boy. i agree with him. i believe u mira!!!

(cont) however, I would suggest moving on from this. People should understand, and trust me, I don't think you're crazy.

Why? No one knows. Maybe it's society and the wacked view they have on it. I know that I am a cutter, and have recently accepted that depressing fact. It got me kicked out of school, and sent to a theraputic one in Canada. It truly only destroys life. I understand where you're coming from, since I was in the same boat as you

I'm 17 and I feel the same u do. Dont listen to these poeple sayin well ur 12 blah blah. I've felt crappy for a few years and it really does suck. Suicide is a Crazy thing to do cuz u never know when ur life will change it could be tomorrow or in a year.Please take my word and stay strong...u can do it!!!Much luv....

It's like I've said all along: teenagers are such attention seekers... And in the only possible scenario where suicide might be excusable it's called something else: Euthanasia.

People think it's crazy because underlying all aspects of life is a general wish to live. People who want to kill themselves, especially self-righteous 12 year-olds, go against this very primitive status quo. Understand? Go eat a tangerine. You'll feel better.

human race got u crazy? what race r u? 12 year olds these days...

Current Topic: Self Harm
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