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Too Many
by SSCmusicGirl, 18, female

December 14, 2002

Dear Diary,
Hey everyone, I'm just looking for some advice, so if you've got any, I'd be glad to hear it. I've been dating my bf for almost 2 years now. During these 2 years with him, I have had so many little crushes along the way. I know that a lot of people have those, b/c I've told my friends. Aside from those little crushes, I have had 2 major ones during the two year period. I am actually having one right now. I've been thinking about this other guy, let's call him.... Marvin. I know Marvin from school, and my bf is still in high school, while I am in a nearby college. Well, anyways, I was talking to Marvin on-line for a few weeks, and that's when I really started to like him. Then it seemed like all of the sudden he got really annoyed with me and he never wanted to talk to me again. The thing is, is that I think about Marvin alllllll the time, a lot more than my bf. It's almost x-mas break, so I will see less and less of Marvin, so that is a good thing, maybe now I can focus on my bf. I do not want to break up with my bf. Lately I've been thinking that he has been lying to me about some pretty serious things, but I'm not sure, b/c he completely denies it It's nothing like he's cheating or anything like that, it's about other things, like money and his health. I really don't know what to do right now.

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Perhaps you should consider dating marvin? it might be a good way to either explore the feeling you think you have, or find out that you two are not a good match afterall.

since you seem to be having a rough transition from with the high-school relationship to the college -high school relationship, perhaps now would be a good time for a break. don't date anyone for a while and set a time when you and your current will decide whether to continue on or end it permanently.

Current Topic: Relationships
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