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Latest Entries
Black People
by Foxy Gangrene Cola, Over 21, male

December 14, 2002

Dear God,

I'm black and i want to hurt myself. i see black as an ugly color, like red or something. Yes. No. Ok now. It all started when my dad and mom made love. Then they had me. It hurt me. because. i am black or red or something. it troubles my soul to think i could be like..ummm...chocolate? yea thats it. no its not. Yes. Ok now. shutup.... me so neways. I really hate it when i get like that. It hurts me and you. hes got the whole his hands. follow me to the world where what i see is real and what u see is magic lanterns. no. Yes. Ok now. What i mean is +++ = --- so i just have it all backwards. but the question is no?Frankly my dear, i dont give a keyboard's homerow. in another word "?" I'll be there for you.... when the rain starts to pour. I'll be there for you like I've been there before. I'll be there for you cuz your there for me too!!! Dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah? Yes. No. Ok now.

Comment on this entry

you need to grow up because you sound like you about 7 years old talking about black is ugly girl you better go kick some rocks black is beautiful and whoever dont like it can go to hell on a free way ticket
dont matter

see im black and is not a ugly color just dont think about it .im just saying well you please grow up

Vowel that was a very mean insult you said you are very racist

Vowel, shutup. That comment you made was just unneccesary!
on tha real

A negro figured out how to use the internet?

You know what I want you to e-mail me at
on tha real

Look a here baby now come on I'm black and I'm BEAUTIFUL. If you can please tell me what exactly you don't like about being black. Our race has the most dominate color in the world and it is BEAUTIFUL. No disrespect to other races and nationalities. Baby you need to come up with a better reason that the color is ugly.
on tha real

doesn't matter about the's what kind of person u are on the inside

Grr im so jealous of u!! i wish i was black but God make me freaking white ugh!!! wanna trade?? im up for that sounds fun!! woohoo lets go get some icecream..yes?no? ok now..bye
Plato the Jupiter

i dont believe in god much i rekon we were all monkey's or sum shi* once how cud god make us lol..okay sorry i didnt mean to

black ppl fuc**en rock.... they r so nice n i LOVE their colour.....remember WHO CARES WHAT OTHA PPL THINK OF U...screw them, its ur body n image.....: )

u sound confused more than anything..being black is not a bad thing to me...but red?...where did u get red...ur a los t soul find urself buddy!

Ummm whats ur point? theres nuthin wrong w/ black people but what is the rest of that stuff u wrote about mean? Stay true to urself..

I don't understand the last part of your message. And by the way, black is NOT an ugly color. Don't be ashamed of it.

dont be ashamed of ur skin. God made u that way. be proud of who u r. ppl need to be more proud of their nationality

OMG! That is sooooo true! You have inspired me to do great things with my life. I am now a changed person.
Skanky Loser

Current Topic: Self Harm
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