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Latest Entries
In The Middle
by Plaid, 14, female

December 14, 2002

Dear Diary,

OK I met Antoine at the park while I was babysitting my cousin.We got to talking and found out we really like each other.So naturally we kept talking and flirting.But then he introduced me to his friend,Greg,and said I'd really like him and that Greg would probably like me just as much.So I agreed to meet him and when I was wow.He's just as sweet as Antoine if not more.So now I talk on the phone with the both of them.We flirt like crazy.Of course,we talk on the phone separetly.But I like both of them...But Antoine keeps asking me whether or not I like him more or if I like Greg more.I don't know who to choose....They're both really hot.

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holy crap! your gonna beak those poor guys hearts and runi their friendship too. i say forget them both

Current Topic: Relationships
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