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i just want advice
by peanut, 12, female

December 13, 2002

Ok, I know I'm just 12 and crushes that 12-year-olds have aren't all that important, but what would you do? there's a guy i REALLY like. actually i like two guys, but one more than the other. and i think he likes me. i mean, he's just SO nice to me, compared to everyone else. but he's not all that popular (not like it matters to me), but i'm afraid my friends would think i'm stupid or liking him. i can't stop thinking about it though. he doesn't talk to me much, but when he does, he really is so sweet, and he looks at me in this 'way'. i want to know if you think he likes me, if i should tell him i like him, and what you think my friends and everyone would think of me. i know i sound self conscious, but i'm really just confused.

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i would tell him that you like him becuase then he would probably start relizing he likes you too.

To be honest, until you're old enough to be able to tell whether or not someone likes you (body language, specific phrases etc), the best tactic is the old, old, old get-a-friend-to-ask-for-you. And a real friend wouldn't care who you like.

Current Topic: Relationships
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