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massacre of the arms.
by sedatee, 15, female

December 12, 2002

My arms, I can't even begin to explain them. The only reason I am writing this is so that no one else has to suffer what I am going through right now. It is #####. Everybody in my school hates me. I sit there in class and cut myself and no one notices when I am gushing blood when all I do is just put a tissue over the cut. The teacher doesn't even take a second glance. And that is sposed to make me feel better? What kind of bull##### is this. And I was in the hospital a little while ago. I told the doctor that I cut and then he told me that he had to go and check hid email. Boy did I feel real good about myself. But my arms, like I said before, you can't even see skin. All you see are scars. It's terrible. Please, no one ever do this to yourself, you don't only hurt you but everyone else who loves you and tries to get close to you.

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hospitals can be a big help if you let them.

I'm sorry you haven't found someone who will help you. I agree, as I recovering cutter, I'd advise no one ever start.

my sister does it, i'm not as bad as her

Maybe they don't know how to deal with it? Maybe it makes them uncomforable. I know I would feel weird about talking to a girl while shes slashing herself.

Current Topic: Self Harm
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