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I keep thinking.
by Taco bell doesnt serve Cereal., 17, male

December 12, 2002

Dear Diary,

This is not been the best day of my life. if not the worst. She broke up with me. She said she didnt likeme that way anymmore. I dont know what to do, she was my everyithing for so long. Every thing i did i did it for her. Every thought went for her. She was on my mind every minute. I did things i never thought i could do, just so that i could be close to her. I tried so hard to treat her as good as anybody possibly could. I tried show her, that she was the most important person in my life. And now all i ask my self is why she had to leave. Its hard to live with out her by my side. She is beautiful, she was everything i ever wanted. I cant stop thinking bout her. I know she said she didnt like me anymore. But i think she never did like me. Why did she have to kiss me if she didnt like me. Why did she have to do all that stuff that made me think she actually liked me. Please help me. I dont know what to do, for the first time in my life i wanna die. Why is this world like this. Why does all this things have to happen. Why must we live like this? Why did god let me set my eyes on this girl. Now I just want to crawl to my bed and let the tears inside come out. But damn this pride wont let me. I dont want to cry. Its just so hard. When i saw her today walking down the hall, my heart stoped, everything i was doing stopd. My mind went blank. Every moment that we spent together went through my ming. Form the first kiss to the break up. Please tell why.

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i went through the EXACT same thing. Shanniem62 (aim) or if you don't haev that..., e-mail me

when you get swept up you never realise it's not gonna last forever. if she really doesn't want to be with you anymore, then she's not the one for you... give yourself it little time to chill out and don't worry.. there's someone out there

Email me at if you need to talk

This is exactly what I'm going through with my ex. We broke up a couple weeks ago, and it has been so hard for me. We were together for 2 years, and he was my first everything. All there is to do is try to move on. You can't change the way she you gotta accept it...good luck

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