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Analogy of cheating
by Warmly Juicy, 19, female

December 12, 2002

i think that cheating can best be described as (from a the point of view of someone who has been cheated on):

like going to the doctor. and this doctor did something that really really hurt you, and something you will never forget. even though the doctor said nothing like this would happen again, each time you go, you get nervous and worry that the pain will reoccur.

take the doctor as the person that cheated, and hurt you. and each time you go to the doctor, as a time that the person could cheat on you again...

Comment on this entry

it has a long story, and it cut it short; im a mandarin on a hot day - no sexual connotations there buddy
Warmly Juicy

I'm sorry...but I have to say that your name is very...inviting...and original. Have a nice day.

I think it's different for every person. I cheated on my boyfriend about 6 months ago (don't ask), and I think he knows as well as i do that it won't happen again. But if he cheated on me, I would probably feel the way your analogy describes...

Current Topic: Relationships
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