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Go Exploring
by Dave, 18, male

December 11, 2002

Dear Diary,

i'm just remembering some great moments this past summer, or at least over the past year. my first time in hawaii was pretty awesome. i loved being out on islands in the middle of the pacific. the stars were so brilliant there and i remember scorpio popping out magnificently as if it had been drawn in the sky. the lack of light pollution was definitely a plus. i definitely miss getting to wear tshirts, old shorts, and sandals while walking on the beach every night. places like hawaii with huge open skies and where you can see the milkway are definitely places of peace of mind and relaxation.

i guess i just really can't wait until second semester. of course, all the college applications and the stress around these first semester grades will disappear, so that's going to be a huge plus. but also, i feel like i've held back at times from really doing what i want to do intellectually or just on my own time. there's times were i feel like all i want to do is write, or just go into the city and explore a neighborhood. and them sometimes i just want to go on a hike or go camping or spend sometime in the outdoors, maybe at tahoe, to be alone with my thoughts. but things like trying to spend my time doing college apps, or getting good grades has gotten in the way. that's the hardest part about school of course, when i start doing things for college and sh.t and not myself - sucks man!

a couple weekends ago, two friends and i went out to the headlands and went exploring around these cliffs overlooking the coast and the beach. it was like a kingdom with these bright green rolling hills of ice plant and old army forts. we climbed around in gullies and stuff and found this nest that was protected from the wind. it was defintely choice. anyway, so my friend always says, "go exploring" and its something you should definitely all do. go find some mellow spot and then go explore... it's something i definitely don't want to grow out of.

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yea dude, i feel the same way. i'm in my first sem at college, too, and i feel a lot like this. i'm from hawaii and next year i'm going back. but i also really wanna go to Africa. Africa...its an amazing place, man
i am an onion

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