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by empty......., 13, female

December 7, 2002

Dear Diary,

maybe im selfish and maybe im not but i want out of this seems more llike a livin hell.i jus want to cut my arms and go to bed and bleed and bleed.i jus wanna take a bottle of pills and kno that ill never have to look in the mirror a gain and ill never have to feel worthless again or anything.its and easy maybe i think next time im home alone im gona do this is goodbye to anyone that cares

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Trust me, I've been there before, I'm sure I'll be there again, just take a step back and look at whats around you. That is the way to keep it real. Keep yourself straight or find someone who will do it for you. ~Keepin it straight~ -Beth

People who want to die don't tell anyone. You don't really want to die. You just like the tohught. Relax, put yourself up, Calm down, everything will be okay.

If you need to know that someone cares, just look at the response your getting. We do care. Please e-mail me I will be there for you

I completely know what ur goin through.I tried cuttin and pills but I found that I'll only hurt every1 I never knew luvd me.So be4 u think about how u feel think about family and friends and ppl like me that care if u die or not. Please just stay strong and remember that ur always gonna mean something to some1.

killing yourself isnt the answer. Ive tried killing myself but realized that its the cowards way out. If you really want to kill yourself you would have done it along time ago. Trust me its not worth it. I was in a Hospital for a week and realized that killing yourself is stupid. Your family DOES CARE ABOUT YOU. TAKE CARE

i dont think you would have posted this entry if you really just wanted to die...i think you want help but dont know how to get it or arent sure you want it. im not a psychologist or therapist, but i'd do anything i can. and just because you feel worthless doesn't mean people don't love you. i hope to hear from you.

killing yourself is permanent. the way things are now isnt, even though it feels like it. my heart breaks when i read this entry. if you want to talk, i will SO be there for real.

i can never full understand what it's like to be in your position because i havent been there. but i'm watching this stuff win over my little brother right now, and that's as close to home as i ever want to get. please...get help. go to as many therapists as it takes.

I get what ur saying.. and i feel that way too, but u gotta be strong even if there is no one out there who gives a sh/it about u keep ur head high. There is always someone out there who cares, and when ur gone they will hurt worse than u ever have. Please, do like im doing and keep strong.
cold soul

Current Topic: Self Harm
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