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the only option
by notjustanotherone, 13, female

December 5, 2002

it is the only option. for me at least. self-harm with the hope of self-inflicted death. death, not such a big deal. not really. its weird though. like if i bled to death while lying in the shower, who would find my body? who would wash out the blood? who would tell everyone; how would they tell everyone?

but that stuff doesnt really matter. all that matters is escaping the pain, as selfish as it sounds. i know it might make people think they care which will lead to pain, but im just too weak. sorry, but i cant keep doing this, living this lie. i dont usually mind lying, but now theres just so damn much to deal with. i have more to say...much more. but i doubt anyone cares so why am i even posting this? well if somebody DOES care enough to want to know more, email me. i guess.

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cont. when you're better you'll thank us. love star

Don't go saying you want to kill yourself. you have one chance and you're blowing it. you're feeling sorry for yourself and forgetting there's certain people that make you a big part of your life. do you really want to hurt them so much? Get help and

I care too.....we're here for you :0)

i care. post on.....hang in there...:)

Current Topic: Self Harm
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