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Play Me
by Balthazar's Blue, 18, male

June 26, 2002

"Where's Blue?! where's Blue?!"...heh, I'm driving people insane. And I like it. Don't you just love it when you have this constant smile slapped on your face? It's a funny feeling, like your face hurts if you stop smiling. What can I say...I'm in a good mood. So I'm in Utah. What the is in Utah...I mean other than that trashy drama with the smart family. I crossed over from Chicago to Utah via any mode of transportation I could afford. I met this chick at a hostel in Chicago. She was truly amazing...and so well traveled for her age...and she had those lips, you know, the kind that are full and pouty and shiny from lip balm, right, the kind of mouth that screams fellatio. We balled Chicago wonder I'm so broke. I dunno what's up with Utah...just visiting and hiking I suppose. I'm heading to San Clemente, CA in a few days. To hang out I suppose. I got some family ties and friends there. I'm meeting Chicago girl in San Diego for the fourth of july. I can't wait...I can't stop thinking about her. This is f.cking crazy. I'm going halfway across the country for a girl that I've only known for 2 days whilst in the windy city. Being irrational is such fun and excitement...I'm such a stoner. Maybe I'll run into a computer later.

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Im on the road be do dododo

Current Topic: Sexuality / Gender
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