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Conform to Stupidity
by kismet, 15, female

May 2, 2002

Wow i think i am going to blow up. Today was one of those days that sends me into superhyper typing fits. What is wrong with people these days? i really don't understand. AHHH GEEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ this jerk just instant messsaged me as we speak.(well as i write) (to myself) saying- your boyfriend was bragging about you in _________ (insert any class here). Its nice to know that he likes me. but its getting bordering on obsessive. WOW- its kind of like the freaky song i'm listening to right now.
"i want to live inside of you i want to breathe the air you breathe i want to be inside your womb so take me home something something i wanna be your baby"
something like that- i can't really tell through the gutteral chokeing sounds. No offense to anyone.
No really- i'm just being picky. when i think about it- it could be like the two leeches sucking each others faces for the whole lunch hour. Actually its not that bad if you don't mind fighting violent stomach reflexes.
Well i'm being harsh- everyone was annoying me beyond belief.
There is this guy, Ron, who is very intelligent, funny, and generally admired by me. But sometimes i just want to smack him. I DON'T CARE IF YOU ARE A BLOODY GENIUS!!!! YOU ARE TRAPPED IN THE ILLUSION OF YOUR OWN RADICALISM! Once i found a word in my book that i didn't know- so i looked it up, after he said he didn't know what it meant. I found out what it means, and told him when he asked. Next class he raises his hand and randomly (and innapropriately) says "yeah, just like Solipsism". OOh that made me so mad. It had nothing to do with the topic he just wanted to show off--- or something! show off his amazing specialness. And of course no one else but me is clueless. That kind of thing is what really irked me today. People are just so... fake!
High school is one big game. Each stereotypical "group" is just as fake as the other (with some individual exceptions) Sometimes i wonder what people really think about. anything past next week? Another thing that DRIVES ME INSANE is when people pretend to be "deep" and "poetic" and "philisophical" and "mysterious". I think people who try so hard to be opposite of the masses are just as bad as so called "conformists"
as ron said- its a vicious circle, which looks the same from every point around it. You have to step up to another dimension to actually see the circle.
another fav. quote- having alot of friends is like doubling the recipe when you only have half the sugar. You end up with alot of cupcakes but theyre not very sweet. (if anyone can tell me what book that is from they are my instant best friend) on that corny little note i will end my soliliqy. Cheers everyone

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um... Over masticating?

Im the Potterite. HA! we play truth or dare obssesively, fourteen hours straight once and if you can describe OM in less than one hundred words, you belong to our clique! HA WE RULE!

ha! my group is known as the OMER's, but only by us. By Everyone else, we are the "gifted" but i dont think gifted is exactly the right word to describe us. um, we're not freaks, we're special! Lets see, stevie has radioactive hair, liam is a lollipop, courtney is a natural earth satelite, punky is a cat, (cont)

I ditched the clique for a calmer life. It's done wonders.

"you are trapped in the illusion of your own radicalism" ... I like that... lol.

Its good to know that I don't hang out in a group.

Sometimes I feel I missed out by going to school with a group of people who are genuinely nice, friendly and I can still get along with fine, despite having known them for quite a while. Only sometimes, though.

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