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Latest Entries
Thoughts from Me!!!
by babygirl02_nf, 16, female

May 2, 2002

Dear Diary,

Hello everyone!!! So, whats up? Not to much over here. I was doing my homework but my printer won't print so I say screw it. So, I decided to surf on over to DP. Its usually the first place I go but I thought I would actually do what I supposed to do first but i guess my printer is just mad at me. :(. Oh well. It will be ok.
So what is the Diary Deck Night? I when I was writing the topic, I suddenly noticed it. There's no entries in there yet. Maybe I'll put this in, not today.
Everyone, I'm sad. My boyfriend won't take me to prom. I really wanted to go but no he won't take me. I've been looking forward to prom for soooo long. Now I can't go. And I already have my dress. I'm so upset. That was supposed to our night and now I'm not even going to c him. And he hasn't came and seen me once this week. Now that his skates are fixed, theres no time for me. I'm just sounding stupid but I'm used to seeing him a lot. Now I only see him school. Its starting to be like an old relationship. And I don't want that. I do love my boyfriend very much. I really do. I miss him, thats all. Plus, I'm a little disappointed about prom.
During MAP class, I went to one of my friend's class. There was another person I knew in there. And I gave him a hug. Then I did what I was supposed to do and left. Well, my friend told me during 9th period that the person I gave a hug kept talking bout me after I left. Not in a bad way. A good way, that I was so cute & everything. I find that so funny. Cause he's my buddy.
I would really enjoy a dp vacation. I would be the girl either crackin everyone up cause I'm crazy or be writing. I love to write more than anything, so yeah, I'd prob. be on the beach watching everyone having fun while writing about my experiance. That would be kool.
Well, cats, I'm gonna jet. Katch ya'll later.
babygirl02_nf (
{O, guess what! My future husband, EMINEM, has a new c.d. coming out. Yay! I'm so happy!}

Comment on this entry

eminem is to great to be eaten. I'll get my imaginary demon friend, Bob, on spunky!

I'm gonna get a pet gorilla, name him spunky, and he's gonna eat eminem up!

jeez, i cant believe im one of your faves, maybe ill post you a poem now...

tell him how you feel maybe...

Great boyfriend you've got there. Great like herpes.

Current Topic: Miscellaneous Ramblings
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