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by Preston's Fray , 17, male

May 2, 2002

Today is The Parents' anniversary..guess what that means? That's right...the house will be vacant of any hostile authorities for at least a few hours tonight (let's not even think about the when they get home, okay?)

For some strange reason, i always remember my first kiss around this time of year (I think it's because it was on Mother's Day). Anyway, it was with this girl named Natalia. I remember she had long, curly, brown hair and blue eyes, and she always wore a headband (it was the early 90's-what could you do?).

So I was walking home from school with a then adorable little seven-year-old Beastling, (the Brother was sick that day) and Natalia comes running up to me. My eyes widen and I smile, and then the poor thing decides to trip upon the root of a tree or some uneven concrete. The Beastling laughs her frekin a## of but i manage to control myself.

"Are...are you okay, Natala?" I couldn't pronounce her name back then.
"Um...I think so." she was close to tears and I told the beastling to walk home by herself. It was only a couple houses away.

Anyhow, I felt so sorry for her that I just laid one right on her and she immediately smiled. I felt better that she felt better and then we became "girlfriend/boyfriend." Two days later she dumped me for another guy, though. Damn...3rd grade can be so cruel.

The first time I told April that story she laughed (now you can stop wondering why I hang out with her). Then she apologized.

I finally cut my hair. I hate it.

But April doesn't.

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Sweet :)
Ice Queen

First kiss in the third grade???? pooie, I didn't get mine till I was 12, and I thouught I was special lol.

and i never saw him again :-(

i remember my first kiss. it was with a guy i just met, in a nasty building in the south bronx.

this is cute. in 3rd grade i was ditching guys. i should have been more like natalia!!
reality bites

my first french kiss was with a girl..and the following one was aswell.. ( I only like boys though).=}

Hehe. This is funny. My first kiss was just some "dare". It was so not what I thought it would be. NO FIREWORKS! (Gasp).

what a story, its making me uncontrollably smile dammit.

haha beastling I love it. My first kiss was with this one puerto rican he was a hot 7 year old.

LOL that is really cute and funny

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