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Yur Cooler than me
by SavesTheDay, 18, female

May 2, 2002

Last day Im staying home. Its kind of depressing actaully. I need to start looking for a job I can start when school gets out. I can't stay home all summer..I would waste away. I went to see that "9/11 photo project" thing yesterday. There were a LOT of really cool pictures. Although I still don't agree with the "flag wavers"...It was still touching to see in pictures what happened. It changed my way of thinking just a little bit. I brung my camera with me, so I could snap some pictures of my own, but im still shy about asking people if I can take their picture. There are A LOT of interesting looking people downtown..But im scared to ask because a lot of the people who go there are crazy bums.(Nothing against bums, Im not some cold ##### to them, but there are people you should keep your distance from)...So instead I took pictures of the tall buildings, and the streets. I was shy at first. because people were everywhere, but after awhile I stopped caring, and stood in the middle of streets and snapped away..It was fun. I only got asked for $ once which surprised me because I always get around 5 bums in a row asking for any change I have...But the person who asked me was very good looking 19ish guy....He looked right in my eyes and said "thank you".....I wish he stayed and talked... but no. So that was my day yesterday. Today...I've been laying around in my bed watching T.V...and eating popsicles and pringles. Maybe I should go put Rancid on and clean my room.I feel like singing and jumping around!..sounds like a plan!


Saves The Day

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I have a digital camera. No blury stuff there. If you don't like the pisture just press delete... :)
Ice Queen

Sing, Dance, Jump!!! Jump April jump!

I suck at taking pictures. They always come out blurry, or if they are taken of me, I look like a freak.


Sing and jump around all you want

Hey sexy adorable April... bums are cool :P

Hey, I don't develop them myself. The good people at sams club do. But when I get to college im going to take classes on yeah...

That is so cool...I wish I knew how to take pictures (do you develop them and everything? *WoW*) sorry so naive; we don't have photography in our school. Hey, so I'm not the only person who jumps and sings around the room like I'm on crack...?
Preston's Fray

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