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Latest Entries
by Reko, 18, male

May 2, 2002

Wassup stars??

I have many an assignment to do but I wont bore you with those details. Because Im such a loser and I actually dont have a life, Ive been thinking about ways in which this "DP vacation", or somesuch, could come true. I know, I know, its just a fantasy right. But damnit if im gonna let this fantasy dissolve into realism just this yet. Romantic I may be, but hopeless I am not. wait a minute. No, i think Im hopeless as well. but anyhow.

I refuse to believe anything is impossible.

So im thinking to myself, about the vacation, and if I had a million bucks, would I spend it on that, and im thinking about all the flaws in it, like who would actually come? and how would we regulate this thing? and like, all the things that run thru your head when your walking down the street.....oooh, she's nice....., oh sorry, got sidetracked.., and yeah, and then BAM!!!! It hit me!!!

We could suck all these big breakdancing corporations into sponsoring it!!! I mean think about it, all these huge corporations with heaps of money, some of them have to have some scholarship type funds, or money set aside for sponsoring things. And who better to invest in than the youth of today?



Yeah, whatever. But, ya know, watching Shawshank redemption , whats his name, tim robbins' character, he got the funds for his library thing by consistently writing letters. So i thought, if all of us kept writing letters to all these big corporations, maybe one of them would want to sponsor it. I mean, it could be good for there image.

Maybe it may not be a vacation, but it could be like, a conference. Yes, we could masquerade as a youth conference, on like, world issues. Yes thats it. And the corporation that supports it will get heaps of publicity for supporting the youth and their opinions. Brilliant. but we'd set aside like 3 days for it, and the conference thing would only take a few hours , and the rest of the time, PARTY!!!!!!

Time 4 the realism tho folks. No corporation would want to spend a million bucks flying all you extremely talented young upstarts to a cool resort for us to do something like that. Even if one did, it would take ages for it to happen. And by then, heaps of u regulars would have left. I aint gonna come her foreva. I aint THAT much of a loser. ( strike that )

I think the only way we can make it happen is by finding out some really bad personal info about some corporate exec and blackmailing him into sponsoring it. We'll tell the world that all these fat cats do is breakdance. Thats where all ya oil money is going to, FREAKIN ADIDAS TRACKS!!!

Did i say fat cats? i meant PHAT CATS!!!!

Ok thats my ramble. damn. things in your head seem so much more realistic than when written down.

Oh well.

( secretly Im working out hardcore so that if it does happen, ill have huge muscles. nah, only Puddy's doing that. Arent you Pud? haha! Is vanity a sin? it sure is. But if it is, then Im guilty.)

TESTIFY!!!!!! Can I get a witness??? ooooh yeaah!!!!
TESTIFYY!!!!!! do be do wap wap

from your 2nd to last favourite reconnaissance man


( Later starfishes, keep the dream alive!!)

Comment on this entry

Jaron, breakdancing corporations don't exist.. what we need is Korus repete to take the matter on or own hands. Peace, Snake..

Are there really breakdancing corporations? lol I don't get out much. I wish some hot DP'er would be workin out for me.....

so i am wondering where my freanch toast is Reko? you are a unique dreamer, with a nice chunk of free time to amuse us with a reko-ramble-novel.

Stupid slow me just realized that you misspelled it on purpose...OHH...I get it...(sigh)
Preston's Fray

Rekonaissance...I like it. Why is it so hard to spell?

I live in Ohio but not Akron. But Reko at least u have some kind of plan. Its kind of good if u actually think bout it though

I'm working out for my ladies around here in Akron, Ohio... so unless you live in Akron, Ohio, than I'm not working out for you! =P Reko, you're a little sheister lol

I'm really tired... But that has nothing to do with this, I know. I want Reko!!! Don't worry, I'm not a stalker.

if working out was secret then why did you say it? now its not a secret Reko. d'oh!

Reko, you're a dreamer alright...but with good cause. Now you're getting me all pumped to work out...(if only) Me if we EVER get that trip : "So, any ladies interested in a tall scrawny white guy? over here..."

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I LOOOOOOOVED THE COMMENT ABOUT WORKING OUT.OH damn my gut is hurting from laughing so much...well anyway...wait thats all.

I'm NOT working out for you DPers LOL Working out for a few select ladies, hahaha

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