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OOO my bushy brows!
by i am an onion, 17, female

May 2, 2002

My eyebrows have been plucked the same boring way since I started caring about them in 7th grade: just like every other lady's. So on Sunday, after the senior prom (which rocked...and my blue and orange and yellow eye shadow rocked...) I plucked them in the middle (nearer to the center of the face) and cut them short. No more evil or naughty or thin brows. It's all natural now, baby! Thick, Short, Bushy, Dark, Big eye brows! I'm not plucking them at the ends anymore, and my mother is horrified. And my sister is laughing at me, and my dad is like, "oh, you're doing something new with your eyebrows." My friends helped me fill them in today with a black pen (because they haven't grown completely in yet), and I went home on the bus through downtown and my hometown with them drawn on my face (They looked real enough). Well y'know what? Two guys were hittin on me. Yep. All the ladies were starin, but of course they were, they're all eyebrow conformists.

Then I saw an old friend of mine, a guy named Davey, and well...then I was embarassed and then I had to explain. But it was so cool. I can't wait till they grow in for real. Next I'm gonna cut my hair really short and spike it up like its the 80s, and wear white jackets with shoulder pads, jeans, and stilettos....and then I'm gonna meet Jason Schwartzman.

Guys, girls..girls, anyone else out there in love with Jason Schwartzman? I finally saw Rushmore and I discovered the boy-love of my life. I had an awesome dream about him last night. Yep, it was pretty naughty. But I had no choice; there was no way to resist him! I would POUNCE on him if he was HERE, right now, if you know what I mean. Even though he was 15 in Rushmore, that was him at his sexiest. Plus, he was what? 19 in real life? He's SHORT! I love short guys. I love young guys. It's like a fetish...but don't tell that to anyone.

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Funny, funny things.

LOL eyebrow're funny :)

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