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Racist report?
by Abolitionist , female

May 5, 2000

Dear Diary,

In school, I'm studying the Civil War. Wel, my teacher, who is one of the sweetest people and NOT a bigot at all (totally the opposite) assigned us a news article. Well, thge boys had to write a nothern point of veiw about slavery as a news article, and the girls, including me, had to write a southern point of view. Well, this makes me sorta uncomfortable, because my third-cousin is black, I am not but I know African Americans, I live in a heavily African American Populated State, my friends are African American, and I know my ancestors were most likely Abolitionists. I feel like if I write this, I'll have to say totally racist things, and i feel like i have to insult all these people, especially those I care about! What if I wrote it, and someone fonud it and thought it was real, nnot a report? Also, I feel bad for others who had ancestors that were slaves- isnt it hard for them? I dont wanna be a racist, but I have a good grade in Social Studies and wanna keep it.. also, I know I shouldnt blame my teacher- she is NOT racist and is only just trying to teach. Still...

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Just tell your teacher how you feel and maybe she will excuse you from the project. You can't help your own feelings. Your teacher will understand.
Lynette <>

contiued... abolistionist than you could always come back with the argument" didn't you wont us to think for this assignment?"

write a news artical that would have been writen for a underground railroad news paper this way you would still be writing an artical from the south but from an abolidtins point of view. besides the w

I think you should tell your teacher if it is making you this uncomfortable and from my point of view i would write one because some students may take as you have these thoughts your self depending on

tell your teacher you don't want to do it. (if it makes you that uncomfortable) depends on if you have to write it being an african american or white person.

Just another note -- in high school I was always worried about following all the teacher's instructions perfectly. Now I have come to realize that most teachers really don't care -- they are h

There is a way out. You have to write the article "from a southern point of view," right? Well, your teacher didn't tell you it had to be from the point of view of a WHITE southerner. M

Current Topic: Racism
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