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Latest Entries
How stupid?
by Free Thinker , 14, female

April 29, 2000

Dear Diary,
Thankfully I have never experienced racism, but I have seen many examples of it during my life and I have this to say: Racism is the most ridiculous form of prejudice (all forms of prejudice are ridiculous, but to me, racism is especially so) that exists in the world today. How one human being can judge another based on their race is beyond me! I do not know how racists have managed to justify their pathetic views for so long, and why they still exist in today's multi-cultural society, let alone are able to find people who share their views and actually want to join societies (such as the Ku Klux Klan) that are basically dedicated to the continuation of hate towards other races. To me, these people are totally ignorant, and do deserve a place on this earth.

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The reason there is rascism is because some of it is what thier parents taught them and how their ancsetors where treated but what they don't understand is that was their ancsestors not them and w

You've written a good entry, but Mysteryhorse has some good points too. Although I've been the victim of racism MANY times (I'm white by the way) I still have an open mind.

trust me u don't want to expierence racism, i wish there were more ppl like u out there! i don't get why some ppl just can't except the fact that it doesn't matter what color ur skin

i couldn't agree with you more. I despise racism & descrimination much... i don't understand why people can't just let things be as they are when ppl are born. I think ppl are racist & p
MaRiOrItY <>

Continuing- It is a fact (for reasons I won't discuss now) that there is inceased violence among black, hispanic and other minority groups. Understand, now? It's not right, but understandab

You are ignorant, if you can't understand where they are coming from. Do not take this as justification- But people are often scared of things they don't understand, and if you expierence ba

they are wrond but deserve to live and all descrimination is wrong

I just spotted a mistake I made in this entry - I wrote "and do deserve a place on this earth" what I actually meant was "and do not deserve a place on this earth" Sorry if that co

I wish this entry you have written would be read by everyone in the world.You get right to the point,and expose racism,and racist's for what they are.BRAVO,BRAVO,BRAVO. Bye

Current Topic: Racism
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