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Latest Entries
Do races act different
by baby_girl001, 14, female

April 24, 2000

Dear Diary,

I am sick of hearing, "You act black, or you act white" How do one another act? It is like people are labeling race behaviors. If a white were to wear baggy jeans and a wave cap he acting black. HOW? Or if a black were to tie a sweater around his neck he is acting white. HOW?
I was told once on how I was behaving white one day. I asked the person. Tell me how whites act. Im sick of this stereotype world. It is amazing how people have different characteristics for one another. Does anybody feel me?

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i know this well. my school is mostly blackandspanish and there is a italian kid they all call wite mike cuz he dresses baggy clothes and talks gangsta. they say people can act something. they say i a

gir am i feeling you!!!! all my life people have been saying i act white, but who are the to determine how a certain race is to act. it makes me wanna scream. keep it real and just be you, cause like
Sarah <>

I agree with these characteristics that everyone has mentioned. I'm a black girl, but I didn't grow up in the ghetto and so when other black people see me talking with my white friends they a

I hear you.................your entry is right.

i meant FAKE hair.....

I am African american and i go to school other African americans as well as White americans and me and my friends know this one black girl and we always say she acts white because all of her friends a

Be cool. Don't worry about it. Every group acts differently; nerds, jocks, preppies, etc.

races do not act by color they act by thought,

People in Boston talk differently from people in Georgia, don't they? And if you lived in Boston and started saying "y'all," people would say you talked like a southerner. So I think

Current Topic: Racism
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