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a nobody in the crowd
by Andrea, 14, female

December 29, 1999

Dear Diary,hi this is a diary entry coming from a plain- if not ugly girl. don't u ever feel like ur just a nobody compared to the beautiful sexy anfd rich others? ifeel like i could never get my crush to even look at me cuz he could look at many other better looking and outgoing girls. i know the inside counts but trust me i'm extremely shy and people take that shyness as snobbiness. i'm never going to get anywhere in life cuz at many times one is judge by his or her appearance involuntarily. i try to accpet myself but its so hard you know when things are going so bad cuz of ur inside and outside appearance.

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Hey there, i understand u. I feel the same way too, u know. Why not email me?
Jen <>

i know how you feel but dont worry, it will get better!!!!!!
becca <>

I've seen so many shy people transform into outgoing, wonderful friends. And you know what? Take it from one like yourself: there's nothing wrong with being shy. Lots of guys like shy girl

people think i'm snobby too just cos i'm shy, so my crush doesn't pay any attention to me...but give it a chance....things will change....

You are gonna make it somewhere in life. Have confidence in yourself and everything else will fall into place. You don't have to be sexy, or beautiful, or rich to be somebody. Learn to like yourse
Kristina <>

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